When selling a house, it is important to keep in mind what buyers are looking for. It can be easy to try to cater toward one demographic, but sellers should try to keep their house as broadly-lovable as possible. But how do you know what all buyers want? Luckily, I have a list of four things all buyers look for in a prospective house.

Updated Necessities

Have you ever had the roof cave in during a flood? Chances are you’ve avoided such a catastrophe, and buyers are hoping to do the same. Your roof should be fairly new and in good condition, as should your hot water heater and any other major necessities. Consider this: buyers (especially younger ones) are finding it harder and harder to save up for a down payment. They would much rather move into a more expensive house that will cost them $0 in the immediate future than a house that costs thousands less but will require thousands in upgrades.


It doesn’t matter if your buyer is an 80-year-old grandma or a 22-year-old college graduate, safety will be a concern at any property. Particularly if you are in a crime-ridden area, make sure to update your home security system. You can point this improvement out to all potential buyers, and possibly increase your asking price because of it. Also, don’t bother updating any old deadbolts or other hardware — buyers should change everything once they have moved in.

Room to Grow

Unfortunately, this is not a feature many people are able to change, but it is important to showcase how much space your home has. If you have a small home, try keeping doors open and reposition furniture so that a room flows and does not feel blocked in. You can also paint walls a lighter color and take advantage of natural light. If you have a large home (3 bedrooms or more), I would suggest pointing this out as an opportunity for a new family to grow into their home. If your buyer doesn’t plan to have a family, they can also see the benefit in extra space for a home office or a hobby room.

Smart Home Features

If you are looking for ways to take your home to a new price point, try adding smart home features. Smart locks, lights, thermostat, and similar features are your best bet at attracting attention. Not only do smart home items provide convenience, they also show that the house can be adapted to anything tech companies throw its way.

The real estate market is currently favoring sellers, but many buyers are still holding out for their perfect property. To entice some otherwise hesitant newcomers, try to focus your efforts on making all four of these categories the highlight of your home.