Selling a house is one of the most stressful parts of a person’s life. Typically, people who sell their homes want to do so quickly, whether it be for money, for a job, or to get the process over with. Many people want to know what they can do to sell their home quickly, and often they want to try using social media to drum up interest. If you are an agent or a person looking to sell your home, here are some things to keep in mind about listing on social media.

Short Attention Spans

When creating a social media post, it is important to get as much info across as concisely as possible. Social media is designed to keep us scrolling past tons of content, so make sure yours stands out. You want a short, interesting post with pictures to maximize your success. Make sure you highlight the best parts of your home first, to draw people in. Also, you should include a link where people can learn more about your home.

Paid Promotion

Companies use paid promotion on sites like Twitter and Facebook to bring in more business. Why not try the same tactic to sell your house? You can target people in specific demographics, such as location, age, and keyword search. This allows you to hone in on people who are most likely to be interested in your home. The best part is these promotions can be inexpensive, and even $50 can go a long way in finding potential buyers.

Ask For Help

If you have friends and family who live in the area, ask if they would be willing to share your post on their profile. Friends of friends may end up being the people who buy your home, or they may know someone who is searching. It takes almost no effort to share a post, and most people would be happy to help you out.

No Guarantees

As with any tactic, there are no guarantees that your home will sell. A house that needs a ton of work may not be worth posting on social media, as people tend to be more critical there than on sites like Zillow and Trulia. You may also receive backlash, or people giving unwanted advice on how to sell your home. Even paid promotion and a great home are not always enough to attract attention. Keep your expectations in check, and go into the process thinking you will not gain interest.

Although there are no guarantees of success from social media, it can be a useful tool when selling a home. As a final tip: try not to follow cookie-cutter examples set by agents who do this often. Find ways to set your home apart and use those to your advantage. Soon, you may be lucky enough to hear from people who never would have seen your place otherwise.