Real estate today works much differently than real estate did even 10 years ago. Technology is rapidly advancing, and smart agents will utilize many of them to sell properties more easily. If you are an agent looking to upgrade your practices, or if you are a seller willing to work with your agent to get the best outcome, try adopting these new techniques to make your next sale.


Have you ever looked at Uber and thought, “Why don’t they have this for real estate?” You no longer have to wonder, because CurbCall is exactly that. Agents can list themselves as available for showings and interested buyers can send a notification that they are ready to tour. This is perfect for agents who may be in the process of paperwork, but can step away from their computers at a moment’s notice. Likewise, this is great for buyers who have unusual schedules and find it hard to make appointments. Even better, CurbCall tells your brokerage where you will be going, and there is a panic button in the app, which makes it much easier to stay safe.


A problem many agents have is the ability to take pictures of a house that really do it justice. Most buyers want an idea of what a property will look like before they schedule a tour, but it can be hard to capture a home’s assets through static images. This is where Matterport comes in. Agents now have the ability to create a 3D virtual tour of each property, which buyers can then click through. You can highlight anything worth noting (such as a marble countertop or fully redesigned bathroom). This is a great way to get buyers in the door for an initial tour without stressing over capturing the perfect picture.


An up-and-coming social media network, Periscope provides the opportunity to livestream to a large community easily. Since Periscope is tied to your location, people looking to buy a home near you can easily tune in to your virtual open house any time of the day. Plus, it is easy to sign up, so you can refer people to the app and they will quickly begin to use it. Just be wary of safety, as anyone can see any livestream no matter where they are.

Technology is going to be a part of every real estate agent’s life moving forward. If you have not taken the plunge into some of the more advanced uses, I highly suggest you start out with these three. If you experiment with them enough, you are sure to see success.